Step Two – Payment and online DBS application

In order to apply for a DBS application, you require a 'Security Watchdog Organisation Reference'. This will be one of the below:

  • "OFSTEDP" - for those applying for/linked to a new childcare or children's social care application for Ofsted registration.
  • "OFSTEDA" - for those applying to be associated to a provision that is already registered.
  • OFSTED INSPECTORS - please refer to your guidance notes for your 'Security Watchdog Organisation Reference'.

Please leave the Organisation Code blank.

Your application form is not complete until online payment has been made. Please note, after payment has been made you will be redirected back to eBulkPlus; you must then complete the declarations at the bottom of the page to fully submit your application.

Please be advised that your DBS application is non-refundable. This will mean that any fee already paid is forfeited if an application is withdrawn by Security Watchdog or yourself.

Submit your online DBS application